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Finished Internship at Management Science Associates

I recently completed my internship as a Marketing Analyst at Management Science Associates. It was hands down the best way to spend my summer. I spent my time working in the Research and Development, developing a demand elasticity analysis, and performing quality assurance checks as part of the Business Analytic Department. A colleague and I pushed forward research on Bayesian Hierarchical models in the context of marketing analysis. My team was very surprised that we were able to have a two layer hierarchical model up and running by the end of the summer.

I built an experimental Hierarchical model for a demand elasticity study that allowed the team to view the probability of demand elasticity being within a certain level. My research and a tutorial on hierarchical models can be found in my research section. By the end of August 2014 I am hoping to convert the PDF to Rmarkdown script to place here on the website directly.